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Impact-driven entrepreneurship education for children 

What is IDEEC?

IDEEC (Impact Driven Entrepreneurial Education for Children) project provides a baseline and a set of practical building blocks for teachers to apply effective programmes that help children develop impact-driven entrepreneurship competences.

By showing the potential of such programs, educational and economic policy makers are equipped to build policies to support impact-driven entrepreneurship education. 

The children and young teenagers of today face grand challenges: the climate crisis becomes more urgent every day, and social challenges like inequality are increasingly pressing. The project ‘Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship Education for Children’ (IDEEC) is focused on educating children to face the environmental and social challenges around them, by developing entrepreneurial skills which they can use as a ‘force for good’.

Who we are

IDEEC integrates established models like EntreComp, GreenComp, and Soft Skills, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience. We’ve collaborated with educators, enterprises, and stakeholders to refine our framework.


If you deal with impact-driven entrepreneurship education, you get inspired by enthusiastic young people developing fantastic new ideas, as well as by motivating educators, who want to change the world. While all do so in their own context and from their own perspective, it is great to see a shared vision about a new role of entrepreneurship in the economy of the future.

Latest articles

  • Making IDEEC impact in Portugal

    On Saturday 13th April 2024, our Erasmus+ project “Impact Driven Entrepreneurship for Children” was presented at the Festival of the European New Bauhaus. Specifically, in the satellite event held in Beira-Marvao (Portugal), registered under the themes of Youth Empowerment and Learning Ecosystems. Throughout the day, new tools for the promotion of social entrepreneurship were presented…

  • A toolkit structure emerges…

    How do you structure a toolkit for educators who want to teach impact-driven entrepreneurship? This was one of the key questions during the IDEEC workshop, held on 16-20 October 2023 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The IDEEC project team gathered to discuss key principles for impact-driven entrepreneurship education, as well as the phases of a project,…

  • Cocreating a competence framework

    What elements need to be included in a competence framework for education programs on impact-driven  entrepreneurship? And what ingredients need to be in a toolkit for developing such programs? These and other questions were addressed at the second IDEEC meeting in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Focus was on cocreation and brainstorming. In the project IDEEC (Impact-Driven…


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